Last Sufi Camp at Keanae
Awakening Through Kindness and Gratitude
March 15-22, 2019


After more than 50+ Sufi Camps in Keanae, we will bid farewell to the YMCA at Camp Keane, with sadness and also with so much gratitude for all of the blessed and remarkable times, for the rich and long era that it has been, and for all of you who have shared with us so many deeply profound and life-changing experiences.

Camp Registration is now FULL!!  

If you are aware of others that may want to be part of our camp experience, please let them know all registration is closed, including drop-in daytrippers.  This is certainly not our preference, however to maintain the integrity of creating the best possible experience for our campers we have the responsibility to assure that the camps physical limitations are not exceeded.  Thank you for your understanding and support!! March 11 2019 
Camp phone starting March 14: urgent issues only 808-248-8559

There is also a Community Zikr the Sunday following camp (March24) at the Makawao Union Church. Be sure to book your trip so you can attend this as well!

Sufis Hawaii Phone  / 800.385.9626
Camp Manager / Jason Groode / jdgroode@gmail.com
Camp Registrar / Cindy Williams / suficampregistrar@gmail.com
Young Adult Scholarship Coordinator / Basira Beardsworth / suficampscholarship@gmail.com
Healing Temple Coordinator  / Mirayam Licht / mirs@hawaii.rr.com 
Work Trade Coordinator / Ruth Yenter 808-268-5449 suficampworktrade@gmail.com
Kitchen Manager / Isa Maria isamagic@gmail.com808-652-6139

We are asking you to please not come to camp if you have a cold, the flu, a cough, a fever, or a contagious ailment (like staph or pinkeye). If you become ill right before camp, please contact our registrar to advise of your situation. Unfortunately if you arrive at camp with any of these conditions we will have to ask you to leave in order to protect the other campers from exposure. There will be consideration of fair financial compensation.
We ask also that you use hand-washing or sanitizing before entering the gathering areas of camp such as the dining hall or the Temple. Thank you for your loving attention to the health of all campers.

NEW Pricing

We are listing three pricing options for the tuition. These correspond to the following three levels. Please choose the level of payment that fits best for you:

Survive: By paying this amount you cover your basic personal costs for attending (accommodation, meals, maintenance of supplies and equipment, minimal payment to teachers and staff). This amount allows Sufi Camp to Survive!

Alive: This amount covers your costs and allows the teachers and some staff to be more fairly compensated from a place of heartfulness. This amount keeps Sufi Camp Alive!

Thrive: Your contribution allows camp to be generous with teachers and staff and  to support those of more limited means to attend. This amount allows Sufi Camp to Thrive by keeping us in a positive financial position to secure the possibility of future camps.

We ALL thrive through generosity!

Full Week Tuition

Survive: $595 (or early bird $545 if paid by Feb 9)

Alive: $695 (or early bird $645 if paid by Feb 9)

Thrive: $850 (or early bird $800 if paid by Feb 9)

* Weekend Campers (no early bird pricing)

Survive: $250

Alive: $295

Thrive: $395

* Work Trade Tuition (Note some positions require you to come early or stay late)

$395 (no early bird pricing)

* Kids 3-12

$175 (must be accompanied by one full time adult – full week or weekend)

*Teens 13-18

$295 (must be accompanied by one full time adult- full week or weekend)

* Daily Rate – As long as available – 24 hours, with 1 overnight and 3 meals. If you don’t want to stay overnight, you can subtract $25.

$130 ~ If paid before Feb 9

$140 ~ If paid after Feb 9

* Day Tripper Special – As long as available. Come get a taste of our Bliss.

$75 ~ 9AM – 8PM

$105 ~ 9AM – Until the end of the evening. Programs usually end between 10 & 11PM

* Additional Options

$20 per Shuttle ride each way

$75 per tent rental (we set up one of our tents with tarp & take it down; camp mattresses included)

$40 per tent setup (we set up your tent and your tarp, & our tarp poles)

$25 per tarp rental and setup (you set up your own tent; we set up the trap)


Our Beloved Teachers

Leilah Be

A senior teacher (Murshida) in the Sufi Ruhaniat International.  She studied for 24 years with Sheikh Yakzan Valdez & Pir Moineddin Jablonski. She is an inspiring presence; authentic, warm, patient, kind and accessible and brings a depth of devotion and realization that takes the dances and zikrs into a realm of spiritual beauty. Gardening meditation is a favorite activity. Leilah teaches on Maui and leads retreats throughout the world.


Bodhi Be

Bodhi is a teacher, guide, minister and student in the Sufi Ruhaniat International. He is the executive director of Doorway Into Light a non-profit in the fields of death and dying. A Hospice Volunteer, End-of-Life and Bereavement Counselor, Funeral Director, Death Doula, Educator and Ceremony Guide, an off-the-grid homesteader and grandpa.



Allaudin Allaudin Ottinger

Allaudin Ottinger is an active proponent of the Peace through the Arts movement. Working toward this ideal he has offered Concerts, Sufi Meetings, Zikr Circles and Dances of Universal Peace in his hometown of Kansas City since 1979. He is a senior teacher in the Sufi Ruhaniat International and a DUP mentor, leading camps, seminars and retreats worldwide. Allaudin has released many albums of recorded music, with his latest release being “Vision, Bewilderment and Love”

Weekend Teachers

Ram Dass

Ram Dass will visit us on the weekend to share “loving awareness”.

Heather NEERAJA Parsons

Neeraja is a devotee of Amritanandamayi-ma, also known as Ama the hugging saint. Neeraja is a deep practitioner of bhakti yoga and has also cared for many people through their dying process. She is a nurturer, a comforter, and a lover of the One. She has a rich devotional voice and feeling; honoring the Mother and the pantheon of deities of the Hindu tradition. She has blessed our community at many of our camps with her songs and chants (most of which she has composed) Being in her kirtan inspires the mind and opens the heart. Neeraja will be with us for the weekend.

Lila Flood

Lila Flood will be with us for the weekend.

Our Beloved Musicians

~ Shams John MccLean ~ Guitar ~
~ Oud, Ukulele ~ Electric Bass ~
~ Basira Beardsworth ~ Guitar ~
~ Latif Burdick ~ Guitar ~ Sound ~
~ Andrea Walls ~ Violin ~
~ Bodhi Be ~ Drums ~

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