Please Join Us For Our Spring Sufi Camp 

  April 28th – May 5th, 2017 


Camp Keanae, Maui

Sufis Hawaii Phone / 800.385.9626
Camp Manager / Jashana Kippert /
Camp Co-Registrars / Karima Morgan and Mira Caitlin Kirkland /
Youth Scholarship Coordinator / Leilah Be /
Healing Temple Coordinator / Miriyam Licht /

Please join our ever growing ohana for this week of Zikr, Sufi Teachings for the mystic in everyday life,  Dances of Universal Peace, Meditation, Devotional Singing, Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Rumi Cafe, Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, nourishing & mostly organic vegetarian meals, communion with spirit, nature, & our amazing sangha. Come share the experience of living together, for a full week – In Love, Harmony & Beauty!

We do our best to make our camps as affordable as possible. Our tuition this year will be a sliding scale with the left price being the lowest rate. We welcome any additional payments added to the base rate.

Also there is a Community Zikr the Sunday following camp at the Makawao Union Church. Be sure to book your trip so you can attend this as well!

Full Week Tuition– Friday, April 28th, 2pm – Friday, May 5th at 11am

$599 – $850 ~ If paid before January 15th
$650 –  $850 ~ If paid before April 1st
$700 – $850 ~ If paid after April 1st

* Weekend Tuition– Friday, April 28th, 2pm – until the end of the Sunday Evening Program, or an equivalent period of time *.

$250 – $444 ~ If paid before April 1st
$275 –  $444 ~ If paid after April 1st

* Daily Rate – As long as available – 24 hours, with 1 overnight and 3 meals. If you don’t want to stay overnight, you can subtract $25.

$130 ~ If paid before April 1st
$140 ~ If paid after April 1st

* Day Tripper Special – As long as available. Come get a taste of our Bliss.

$75 ~ 9AM – 8PM
$105 ~ 9AM – Until the end of the evening. Programs usually end between 10 & 11PM

* Work Trade Tuition–Friday, April 28th, 2pm – Friday, May 5th at 11am (Note some positions require you to come early or stay late)

$390 – $444 ~ If paid before April 1st
$415 –  $544 ~ If paid after April 1st

From the Sufi Kitchen:
As we renew our dedication to serving primarily live, local, organic food, at Fall Camp we will be serving no meat or fish.  If you desire animal protein at camp, please bring your own jerky, cans of tuna, or whatever meets your needs and doesn’t require cooking. There is a large cooler outside the kitchen for your labeled personal items. We will continue to serve organic eggs and dairy as well as vegan options.
Please share with us your favorite recipes for vegetarian protein-rich  dishes!
Got lilikoi?  You can help us cut costs and enhance opulence by juicing and freezing your extra lemons, limes, lilikoi, whatever you come across in abundance. Also, we welcome your garden bounty at camp, so please bring your extra produce when you make the trip to Keanae.Your food comments, questions, and recipes may be directed to isa:  808.652.6139.

Online Registration Now Available

 Our Beloved Teachers

Ggayanayan Gregory Long


Sheikh Gayan Gregory Long is a drummer, composer, spiritual mentor, retreat leader, and story teller. He has dedicated his life to awakening human potential through music, devotional practices, pith teachings, and community celebration. Gayan is a teacher in
the lineage of Sufi Ruhaniat International, a certified Leader of the Dances of Universal Peace, and a direct disciple of Pir Shabda Kahn. He has appeared on thirty-five recording projects and has released two albums: Padma Thunder and When Two or More are Gathered. Gayan has offered teachings and has performed world wide: from India to Russia, South America to Thailand, and throughout the United States. Since first attending Maui Sufi Camp in Fall 2004 the aloha spirit, the Sufis Hawaii ohana, and the Maui aina have continued to deeply inform his heart, awakening, and teachings. 


Leilah Be

A senior teacher (Murshida) in the Sufi Ruhaniat International. She studied for 24 years with Sheikh Yakzan Valdez & Pir Moineddin Jablonski. She is an inspiring presence; authentic, warm, patient, kind and accessible and brings a depth of devotion and realization that takes the dances and zikrs into a realm of spiritual beauty. Gardening meditation is a favorite activity. Leilah teaches on Maui and leads retreats throughout the world.


Bodhi Bebodhi

Bodhi is a teacher, guide, minister and student in the Sufi Ruhaniat International. He is the executive director of Doorway Into Light a non-profit in the fields of death and dying. A Hospice Volunteer, End-of-Life and Bereavement Counselor, Funeral Director, Death Doula and Ceremony Guide, an off-the-grid homesteader and grandpa.


Our Beloved Musicians

~ Basira Beardsworth ~ Guitar ~
~ Latif Burdick ~ Guitar, Sound ~
~ Andrea Walls ~ Violin ~
~ Bodhi Be ~ Drums ~

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