Work Trade Information

Work Trade Coordinator

  • Work trade is a great way to get to know people as well as being able to offer service to our sangha, while working together to co-create our community.
  • There are many areas at the camp where you can be in service, in exchange for a tuition reduction.
  • Basically you’ll be asked to work each day for about 3 hours, usually in 1 shift, for which you get $30 off per day.

Work Trade Required

  • Arrive at camp by 1 o’clock on Thursday March 14, 2019 to set-up camp.
  • During Camp, you’ll work a regular 3-hour work trade shift per day.
  • On the last Friday of camp we ask you to help with the final cleanup and pack up. This is a pretty full day of work, with the hopes of being done by 1pm.
  • If for any reason you can not commit to working with us for the full 8 days, please make appropriate arrangements with our Work Trade Coordinator.

For Full Camp Tuition please see Home page.

Weekend Only with Work Trade

We only have a few of these and they tend to go fast

2 lunch prep shifts (sat & sun)


3 dinner prep shifts (fri, sat & sun)


Work Exchange Positions

  • Here are the work opportunities, see which area you may enjoy working in the most.
  • We will do our best to honor your choices.


  • Social Media Coordinator and Camp Promotion” One person needed well in advance of camp, to help spread the word and attract new campers to our wonderful experience. Works in connection with Camp Manager.
  • “Flower coordinator” Must have experience with use of tools to cut large flowers. Must have or have access to a vehicle to carry large flowers. Bring all flowers to camp on the Thursday before camp starts. Manage a crew for arrangements of flowers before camp and maintain them throughout camp.



  • Breakfast prep :: 6am to 9 am *bring alarm clock*
  • Lunch Prep :: 10am to 1pm
  • Dinner Prep :: 3pm to 6pm
  • You will help prepare delicious meals then serve them.
  • If you live on island and can bring your own knife (labelled) and a cutting board for your own use in meal prep it would be appreciated.


  • Clean up after mealtime, collect dishes and run them thru the dishwasher, wash pots and pans and put food away, mopping the floors.
  • Breakfast , lunch and dinner clean up shifts are available.


  • If you would prefer to do most of your work before and after camp, with (2-3) extra shifts where needed during the camp to equalize the hours with the other positions you could be on our inventory team.
  • This group arrives at camp by noon on the Thursday before camp starts, unpacks all the camp and kitchen supplies, washes and puts them away.
  • There is some lifting involved so it is best you are in good physical condition and have a strong back.
  • Pack up starts the day before camp ends. You would start packing up all the supplies and re-inventorying them, finishing the pack up after breakfast on Friday.
  • We need to be out of the camp by about 1 PM on the last Friday of camp, and all inventory people must stay to the very end. Many hands make for light work.



  • There are washrooms to be beautified, then cleaned daily and supplies maintained.
  • This job requires you to be at camp by 1 pm on Thursday to prepare the washrooms.
  • You will then be responsible for cleaning and maintaining during the afternoon breaks each day, and staying until the washrooms are cleaned and locked up on our final day.
  • There will be one woman for the 2 women’s washrooms and one man for the 2 men’s washrooms.
  • This position requires the applicant to be in good physical condition and to have a strong back.


  • This position requires a strong back and no fear of physical labor!
  • The physical plane team starts the Thursday day before camp, at 9am.
  • You will be loading all of the camp supplies from the storage container into a large truck which hauls it all to the camp and unloads it.
  • The team plays a large part in converting the YMCA into a temple and sanctuary.
  • Then they get to reverse the process at the end of camp, staying until the very end, then loading the container from the trucks.
  • Handyman skills are greatly appreciated.


  • This group arrives at camp by noon on the Thursday before camp starts, and works into the evening on the first day of camp, then through the weekend as campers arrive.
  • It’s very helpful if you have experience with tarping tents to withstand torrential downpours and the island winds.

Once you have decided on the position you would be most suited for and most enjoy working in, you may need to decide on which shift you would prefer.

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