Young Adult Scholarship Information


Terms of Scholarship

  • If you are aged 18-29, willing and able to participate in the work-trade program, as well as daily youth circles and camp programs in general, for the full 8 days of camp, you may apply for a scholarship.

Work Trade Required

  • Arrive at camp by 1 o’clock on Thursday March 14, 2019 to set-up camp.
  • During Camp, you’ll work a regular 3-hour work trade shift.
  • On the last Friday of camp we ask you to help with the final cleanup and pack up. This is a pretty full day of work, with the hopes of being done by 1pm.
  • If for any reason you can not commit to working with us for the full 8 days, please ask for specific exceptions from the scholarship committee and make appropriate arrangements with our Work Trade Coordinator.

Tuition and Deposits

Tuition: Tuition depends on how many times you have received this scholarship before. You may receive this scholarship 3 times.

1st Time Recipient :: $150 tuition for camp + $100 deposit.

2nd Time Recipient :: $200 tuition for camp + $100 deposit.

3rd Time Recipient :: $250 tuition for camp + $100 deposit.

If you have received the scholarship 3 times, please apply for a work trade position or register as a regular camper.

Deposit: A $100 refundable deposit is required to secure your scholarship. The deposit is returned at the end of camp. This is only returned if you complete your work trade responsibilities.

Please pay ASAP – this facilitates the running of camp!!

  • The deposit is due within 2 weeks of being accepted into the program, or by April 1st, whichever comes first.
  • Tuition is due two weeks prior to camp.


If you have any questions about the Young Adult Scholarship, please write to Basira at

 ~ Young Adult Scholarship Fund History ~

Jasmine Fry, whom the Fund is dedicated to, daughter of Durga Heather Winfrey, Jazzy – as her friends called her, came as a child many times to Sufi camps on Maui.

She reconnected with the Ruhaniat Sufis in her late teens, traveled to Mendocino Youth Retreat, and became impassioned about youth camps happening in the Hawaiian Islands, knowing that youths could benefit so much from the depth of experience in practice and in kinship that she had experienced……….

A short time later, her life in the body, was taken from her.  We deeply honor her intention to “make it happen”, which added to Sufis Hawaii’s inspiration to manifest the youth fund for our Maui Camps.

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