Camp Accommodations


There are two bath/shower houses with separate sections for men and women.

Sleeping Arrangements

Everyone is expected to bring their own bedding and pillow.


Women’s Dorms: There are two women’s dorms. They are generally crowded with 24 bunk beds in each room, and very little space between.

Co-Ed Dorms: The rest of the dorms are co-ed. They generally have more room available.


All campers must be self reliant in regards to your camping set-up.

If you live on Maui, please bring your own tarp and poles if at all possible! Mahalo.

A Tent Set-up Service is offered for $40 for your own tent and our tarp and tarp poles.

Tarp and pole rental and set up is $25. You put up your own tent,

A limited number of tents are for rent for $75 (including tent set-up service with tarp).

We also ask that the more experienced campers help out those who are less experienced, especially with tent placement (e.g., In areas that won’t get flooded in intense rain).

Strong Weather

If you are using a tent, please be prepared for tropical rains and strong winds, which can occur at Keanae. We do our best to schedule our camps at times of drier weather, but nothing is guaranteed.

Rain Fly and Tarp

Have a high-quality tent with a
 good rain fly, (a good roof with an overhang). Rain falling on the sides of a tent is the biggest cause of flooded floors. In lieu of a good fly, a separate tarp can be flown over the tent. This takes a little skill and requires some rope and poles and stakes.

Also, tents with weak poles have been flattened by these over-tarps in heavy winds. Another tarp underneath the tent can protect the tent’s floor from abrasion and keep moisture from wicking up. Make sure that this 
bottom tarp is completely tucked under the tent. Any bit of tarp that shows can catch rain and create puddles under the tent. Or put this tarp inside the bottom of your tent.


Also be sure to include a mattress, futon, pad or cot to assure that you sleep well. For our off-island campers, mattresses can be provided.

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