“Welcome to the Charlie Butterfly Kitchen at Sufi Camp!

We provide lovingly prepared, nutritious, primarily local, organic, vegetarian meals.

For protein lovers, we serve organic eggs and yogurt every morning, as well as cheeses and protein-rich vegetable dishes throughout the day. We prepare local adzuki bean Maui tempeh. Vegan and gluten-free options are available at every meal.

At our Tea Table, filtered cold and hot water and a variety of hot and iced teas are provided, and simple snacks are available. Please bring your own additional snacks, canned tuna, jerky, or favorite teas if you would like them at camp.

The kitchen and food pantry are off limits. If you need something specific for your diet, please bring those items with you. If you contact us a minimum of two weeks in advance of camp, we will do our best to accommodate your specific dietary needs.

There is a large cooler with ice outside, on the covered patio behind the kitchen, for your labeled personal items. An ice machine is also available for use with your own labeled small cooler.

Got lilikoi? You can help us cut costs and enhance opulence by bringing or juicing and freezing your extra lemons, limes, lilikoi, whatever you have in abundance. We welcome your garden bounty at camp, so please bring your extra produce when you come to camp.

Your food comments, questions, and requests may be directed to Isa Maria, kitchen manager. 808.652.6139 call or text or


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